Meet Lulu


Alana "Lulu" Lauser

Founder, Owner


How it all began...

Baking has always been my one constant comfort; that one thing I can rely on to relieve stress (sometimes inducing stress, but worth it!) and a grounding activity to idle away my time and push myself creatively. Baking is an opportunity for me to put my heart and soul into coming up with an idea and executing it to the very end to make something I can be proud of. 

I have always enjoyed baking with my Grammy and Mom ever since I was little, but never really had a true passion or appreciation for it until about sophomore year in college. Once I gave up the complete time consuming "job" of being a student athlete, I had to discover what my other interests were to keep me occupied. My first experience baking for others was for my college club members. I made a simple chocolate cupcake recipe that has been in my family forever; you know, the family recipe used for every birthday and special celebration. I bought Pillsbury Creamy Supreme Vanilla icing, added blue food coloring, and wrote the club name on each cupcake in black squeeze bottle writing icing.

These cupcakes really were not that special, however the sound feedback from people at the meeting, and positive affirmation from my friends, gave me the confidence and drive to continue baking and broaden my repertoire... and so, the baking hobby, interest, and passion began.

Fast-forward a few years, I have grown my recipe book enough to now be able to offer my desserts to the great people of the Lehigh Valley! Have you been craving that one dessert that takes you back to your childhood? Or maybe your grandmother used to make the best - insert dessert here – and you haven’t had it in years. Or maybe you’re throwing a party for a loved one and you want that something special to tie it all together. Whatever the reason, Lulu’s Sweet Treats has you covered! Custom baked goods and pricing available upon request.

You deserve it… get the cupcake.